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Jazz Perry
10 September 2009 @ 06:29 pm
On top of all of the previous entry (if you can't read it, you may have to let me know and I'll consider putting you on the filter if I know you)... now my PSU starts heating up, will release a burning smell within 5 minutes... and by the time my PC is fully booted, it shuts itself off and won't turn back on for a while.

What next? :]
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Jazz Perry
07 July 2009 @ 11:27 pm
I'm a terrible updater. :(

The Download update is still coming, but hit a snag. Sorry.

This update is to tell you THAT I TOTALLY HUNG OUT WITH retrosoup TONIGHT! He is an anglophile DICKWEED... but to be fair, that's his greatest trait. Seriously, lots of fun. We only went out for a couple drinks and some food, but we talked a lot and he's a really nice guy!


Also, foxlets... check your voicemail. :O
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Jazz Perry
Current Mood: amusedamused
Jazz Perry
15 June 2009 @ 09:12 pm
Aside from a rainy first day, Download Festival was fucking AWESOME.


I will have over 200 pictures and videos uploaded later, including me dressed as a tent.
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Jazz Perry
10 June 2009 @ 01:44 pm
So heading off to Download Festival at last.

Been a ... stressful couple of days, but we're finally off. Lots of annoying and amusing stories for when you get back, and the entire Sja update (with Download) will be when I get back the day before I start my new job.

I'll miss you guys! <3
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Jazz Perry
Yet another filler update. Lucky you guys.

I have two things to say. One is fun news, the other is AWESOME news. :D

Fun news first, I'm off to see Terminator Salvation with Phil, Joe and Sja. Yay.

Edit: God knows what happened to Phil, Joe and Sja. They still haven't turned up so we've missed the final showing. Boo! But the second bit of news still stands. ;D

And now, the awesome news.

I have a new job! :D

Went in yesterday morning for an 'interview' with one of the directors at Davy's (where I currently work occasionally part-time with no set job role)... and 5minutes later, I was offered the job. I guess I made a good impression with my help over the last 6months. I know a few others were interested in the position!

I start 16th June 2009. I work Mon-Fri 8.30-17.00. My first 9-5 job... ever. It came with an immediate pay-rise on my hourly rate (an extra 75p/$1.30) with another rise in 6 weeks after my trial period. It will then become salary based, rather than hourly.

I'm not yet 100% sure on my job role, but I know the first half of it is admin based and revolves around credit notes and sorting out payments with the various winebars under Davy's ownership. The second half of the job will involve photography, website management and photoshopping of images to go on the site.

Seeya later flist! :D

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Jazz Perry
Well... you may have noticed my continued absence from the internet in general. Sorry guys, but seriously?

Greatest weekend ever, in addition to the awesome week and a half prior to today!

The weather has been perfect mid 20s/70s and I've felt so relaxed. No worrying. No anxiety. Just relaxation, fun, laughter and great weather. Met up with Sja's friend Dan and he hung out with us the whole weekend, and not only is he coming to see us again next week... but Sja's real life best friend from Belgium is coming here to hang out with us too! We plan to go to the beach and be AWWWWWWWWWESOME. :D

The large entry on all of it is coming soon but I'm still waiting on a few more pics (and perhaps videos). The best thing about all of this is I know it's set to continue! The beach is going to roooooock. :D


2 Teaser Pics:

I don't know much about clothes, but my hair looks fierce!

Phil: dude, sum fing ova dere
Jazz: fuck dat, wat is dis shit over DERE
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Jazz Perry
(the following is an anonymous gift)

6 months of paid account time have been added to your LiveJournal account

Thank you for supporting the site!

LiveJournal.com Team

That was a bit unexpected! Whoever that was, thank you. Once I've finished being busy with friends, I'll make good use of it. ;)
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Jazz Perry
Well, I didn't get to update yet mostly because the enjoyable times have continued... and we've not managed to upload the images just yet, and I want them to be part of the post!

So what else has occurred since? I will tell you...

  • Went back to Phil and Joe's after Star Trek.
  • Convinced Sja not to leave the next afternoon to go back to Belgium.
  • Ordered a cab to pick Sja up from her hotel to stay at Phil's with us. She turns up at 3am Sunday morning.
  • Spend Sunday afternoon walking in the park in glorious 23C (early 70s - I GOT IT THE CORRECT WAY ROUND THIS TIME) and then stopped off at a pub for a beer and Roast Dinner.
  • Mocked Phil for saying Dindins, foodsies, om nom noms and okey dokey. When he hit me for the deserved mocking, I called him a meanie-weanie.
  • Climbed a tree and enjoyed the sun.
  • Played Wheelman and spent more of the evening all being sarcastic to each other.
  • Played UFC on PS3, smoked shisha, and generally continued to hang out.
  • Cooked Tomato and Cheese Pasta Bake for everyone Monday evening. It was surprisingly delicious. I didn't poison anyone!
  • Was supposed to go see QI on Tuesday, but they overbooked so we couldn't see Stephen Fry... :(
  • Went to the pub with Sja, Radley and his brother. Ended up staying there for almost 4 hours!
  • Got the train back, hung out with Sja whilst Phil was at work. Watched a Japanese documentary type thing on male hosts and how their job is to make women fall in love with them.
  • Chatted on cam to some of Sja's friends.
  • Had a glorious sleep. Again.

  • I'm sorry I've not been on much, both on MSN/AIM and on TQC and such... but I've barely had time to spend too long online, but there will be a large update before the week is out!

    Anything interesting happening with you guys? Link me to any specific entries I may have missed! :)
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    Jazz Perry
    The past 7 or so days have been pretty great. I will update more tomorrow evening most likely (and hopefully will have a few pics at least)...

    The basics were:

  • Poker at The International. Someone sucked out on me when I was doing really well (which I will elaborate on later), but it was still really fun.
  • Working in the cellar, plus possible job opportunity, plus some good news regarding vacation/holiday pay.
  • Basically hanging out with Phil and Joe.
  • Went to the London MCM Expo and looked at all the awesome cos players, listened to Linda Hamilton (of Terminator fame) a little and basically just enjoyed all the nerdy awesomeness around me.
  • Met Sja/xbakahime (online friend I knew a few years ago via Maple Story) and hung out with her at the Expo, then went for Nandos and to the cinema...
  • ...to watch Star Trek! :D

  • Had a falling out with a friend, but this does not negate the fun I've had this week! Hopefully tomorrow will continue to be awesome. The weather is in the early 70s (around 23C) and I've been sleeping really well. I don't look anywhere near as tired as I used to.

    Hope you're all keeping happy. :) ily
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